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Mission and quality policy

Quality commitment

Our commitment is to enhance the progress of each of our clients, whatever their area of scientific development.

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Our mission

"To be a leading company in the delivery of solutions for diagnostics, science, industry and education, offering a proposal of adequate value to each of our clients. Our offer is based on integral and innovative solutions, providing technical advice and contributing significantly to the development of our clients' businesses and the creation of sustainable economic value for our shareholders. For this we have a highly qualified and committed human team, and a stimulating work environment that generates a collaborative culture oriented to success ".

Quality politics

Achieve the satisfaction of our customers by evaluating their needs and expectations, seeking and implementing technological innovations that, from the continuous improvement of our processes, allow us to offer high quality, reliable and user-friendly services and products, with assistance and excellent technical support. excellence, that meet regulatory requirements and maintain the effectiveness of the quality system; generating value for our collaborators, for our shareholders and for society.

Versión 6, 01/08/2017
Cetna Skorin, General Manager

Social responsability

At GrupoBios we concern about the care of the environment and the availability of technological solutions that allow us to respect the regulations in force.

At GrupoBios, we permanently support non-profit organizations and, through them, we help those who need it most. As a company, we encourage solidarity in each of our employees.

Ours contributors

Since its inception, GrupoBios is an open, inclusive, innovative company that seeks to form work teams in which communication and fraternity go beyond the workplace, always strengthening human relationships and continuously generating opportunities for growth and improvement.

GrupoBios maintains work schedules that respect personal and family life. We provide the tools and conditions that allow the expression of talents and abilities.

We build a friendly environment and we recognize that our collaborators are the heart and blood of GrupoBios, so we are committed to each of them and to the families they represent.

Good Corporate Practices

At GrupoBios we are committed to ethics and corporate transparency. Download the documents here to learn more about our values ​​and procedures. get_app Download our procedure in case of complaints get_app Download our code of ethics

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